Wednesday, March 30, 2011

$5/$30 Winn Dixie printable!

Woohoo!!! I love these!!! I used one when I went last night at the store in Northport with no problem. It prints weird so I printed the entire page and took it so it would show the URL in case there was a discrepancy. Its a great week at Publix, especially with my favorite milk being on sale and getting it for $.50 makes my day!!!

Go HERE to print it.

Thanks iheartpublix!!

Booklet Giveaway!!

Photo courtesy of iheartpublix!

I was lucky enough to get a hold of some of these booklets and I have extras to giveaway! You can go HERE  to get the full list of coupons included.

The first 15 people to comment on the blog (facebook comments will not count) will get a booklet!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tangled DVD + FREE Rapunzel doll $25 at Kmart

We took my daughter to see this at the movies and she LOVED it!! I loved it too! Even my husband got a kick out of it! Today through 4-2, you can get the Blu-Ray/DVD combo at Kmart plus a FREE Rapunzel doll ($14.99 value) for around $22! I haven't been to the store to do a price check (I'm going to get it this afternoon) but I checked online and the Blu-Ray/DVD combo is $26.99. If you are member of Disney Movie Rewards, you can print a $5 off coupon making it $22 (like I said, more or less, I'll let you know) for the movie and the doll!! Go HERE  to print the coupon. If your not a member, you can sign up while you there! I highly suggest it. Even if you don't use it to earn points for free stuff, you'll need it to print coupons for their newly released movies. Just about every new disney movie that comes out on DVD will have a coupon! Its usually $10 but for some reason they only did $5 for Tangled.

Just be sure to get the Blu-Ray combo to get the doll FREE at Kmart. I don't have a Blu-Ray player but I plan on buying one down the road anyway and since it comes with a regular DVD , I'll pay $5-6 more to get the doll! I've almost bought the doll a few times at Walmart but I'm glad I held out. I hate paying that much for a doll! I lucked out and got my little girl the entire Disney collection of princess dolls for Christmas for $25 (reg. $80!). So, yeah, I'm a little cheap, lol!!

Also, if you are still reading, stay tuned for a giveway of some coupon booklets!! I got a hold of some Publix coupon booklets and I have extras to give away! Its the Slam Dunk Savings booklets with the Mail in Rebate for a $10 Publix gift card!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

One Stop One Store Publix booklet found!!!

Ok, after the absolutely crazy day I've had today, accidentally finding these books at a store I've never even been inside before is a blessing!! I had to go to the store on Rice Mine Rd to fix a problem I had which happened at the store in Northport (the manager at Northport was rude so I went elsewhere!!). When I walked in, I made sure I checked the circular, just in case and boom, there they were! A whole stack of them. The One Stop One Store booklet has $85 worth of coupons in it and most of them are store coupons that you can stack! Yay! Go HERE for the full list of coupons. Head over there as soon as you can and get one. I'm sure the store in Northport won't be getting considering they never do!