Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pay $5 for $10 worth of barbeque at Archibald and Woodrow's in Tuscaloosa!

Right now, Groupon has a wonderful deal for the Tuscaloosa area. $5 for $10 worth of barbeque at Archibald and Woodrow's on Greensboro Ave. I love this place! Go HERE to sign up and purchase the groupon! You can buy one for yourself and 2 more as a gift. I know where I'll be eating lunch!

If you have never heard of Groupon, you need to sign up! I have personally used Groupon before to purchase a movie ticket for $4. Groupon gives you great discounts for different cities. I signed up for the email for several areas. If you are planning a vacation sometime this year, look for that city or something close to it and sign up for that email. Most groupons are good up to a year anyway and you just never know when a deal is going to come along! Tuscaloosa is not on the list but Birmingham is and whenever something for Tuscaloosa comes along, groupon will email you and let you know. Just sign up for the Birmingham emails.

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