What is swagbucks you may ask? Well, it is just like google, except you can earn prizes or even cash! Really! Every time you search for something, like a recipe or just anything you would normally search on google for, you may win swagbucks. They will look something like this and automatically be entered into your account or it may ask you to copy a code that may look like 'aJm'. You'll have to enter it exactly as it is and then it will be added to your account.

I'll admit it. When I was reading about swagbucks on other blogs I just ignored it. I didn't think it was anything I wanted to fool with and didn't really think it would pay off. Once again, I was WRONG! The great thing about earning swagbucks is you get to trade them in for prizes. The best prize I have found are amazon e-gift cards.

Once you earn 450 swagbucks, you can trade that in for a $5 e-gift card. Swagbucks will send you an email to verify you ordered this and in about a week, they will add the gift card with the code to your swagbucks account. Then, just log into your amazon.com account, click on apply a gift certificate/card to your account, and enter the code that swagbucks gave you. The money will now be in your amazon account to order anything you want!! I am currently saving up for Christmas. I'll be really excited about next year because I'll be starting in January and I'm sure by Christmas I'll have enough to buy the kids plenty of stuff! And the good thing is, your gift card balance will never expire. How great would it be to pay for Christmas just by searching the internet!

Friday is 'Mega Swagbucks Friday'! They give out more swagbucks every Friday so do a little extra searching on that day. I typically search up to 5 times a day and more on Fridays. I usually win between 20-30 swagbucks a day just on searching and even more on Fridays.

Swagcodes are also given out. These can be anywhere. Usually when one is available, several of the bloggers that I follow will post where it is and you can go and get it and enter it on the homepage on your swagbucks account.

Surveys are a great way to earn swagbucks. If you've got a few extra minutes to spend on the internet, I suggest trying to see if you qualify for a survey. Just by clicking on the survey link you earn 1 swagbuck. It's worth a try! I have taken surverys before and earned up to 200 swagbucks! You won't qualify for every one they offer. But every once in a while you'll get to take one and trust me its worth it!

Daily polls also award you swagbucks. Well,1 swagbuck a day. But hey, its better than nothing! And, it only takes 2 seconds to vote.

Familiarize yourself with the swagbucks website, it can really reward you. Happy searching!