Friday, March 25, 2011

One Stop One Store Publix booklet found!!!

Ok, after the absolutely crazy day I've had today, accidentally finding these books at a store I've never even been inside before is a blessing!! I had to go to the store on Rice Mine Rd to fix a problem I had which happened at the store in Northport (the manager at Northport was rude so I went elsewhere!!). When I walked in, I made sure I checked the circular, just in case and boom, there they were! A whole stack of them. The One Stop One Store booklet has $85 worth of coupons in it and most of them are store coupons that you can stack! Yay! Go HERE for the full list of coupons. Head over there as soon as you can and get one. I'm sure the store in Northport won't be getting considering they never do!

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