Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Conagra Rebate: Receive $30 in coupons and $5 Walmart Gift Card!

You will often see with iheartpublix's matchups or SouthernSavers matchups that you need a ConAgra home mailer that has a certain coupon in it. And usually, it has coupons that are hard to come by or that just don't show up as often. I always wondered where they got them from. Well, now I know! From ConAgra Rebates! ConAgra manufacturers many products including Hunts, Crunch Munch, Slim Jim, Banquet, Kid Cuisine, Peter Pan, Manwich, and Snack Pack pudding to name a few. Right now, there is a rebate available to receive a coupon book with $30 worth of coupons and a $5 gift card to Walmart when you buy $25 worth of ConAgra products. I know, that sounds like a lot. But, you can use several different receipts and you have until 1/2/11!! That gives you plenty of time to get to that total and remember, thats before coupons of course! The rebate does state "may be more than one receipt from more than one Supercenter. I did a little research and I've seen where several people have purchased the items from Publix and other grocery stores and sent in for a rebate before from ConAgra that also stated the same thing and received their coupon booklet. Now, I cannot guarentee that that would apply to this rebate. But, its worth a try if you are going to purchase the items anyway. Several of these items are on sale this week and will be on sale again over the next few months. You can interpret "Supercenter" as Walmart or Target in my opinion. Since I never shop at Walmart anymore, I'm just going to purchase the items either at Winn Dixie or Publix and just hope for the best. Since you will be receiving a $5 Walmart gift card, I'm assuming they want you to purchase the items at Walmart. But, again, that is up to you as to where you want to buy them.

Go HERE for the rebate form.  

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