Monday, October 4, 2010

Spoke to the manager at Publix about coupon policy!

Christina, the manager at Publix (Northport) called me back today. For the record, she is EXTREMELY nice! She said that their coupon policies have not changed and wanted to know what problems I was having. I told her I was there about a week ago and I had tried to use a competitor coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the same item. Christina said that that is the policy and I should have been able to do so. I also told her that I tried to use a Publix store coupon and a manufacturer coupon and again, they wouldn't let me and would only let me use one of the coupons. The cashier told me that they were not allowing us to use a manufacturer and a store or competitor coupon anymore. I told Christina that the cashier was fairly new and he even asked the customer service associate and she agreed. Christina said that she will personally speak with all of them and make sure that all the cashiers understand the coupon policy. She said she wants us to come to her store and not the competitors. She apologized for any trouble I had. I am super excited that I heard back from her and now I know things will get better! Contacting Corporate paid off!

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