Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New P&G insert: Great to help with free cookware & P&G rebate booklet

I had heard from NannaSaver this morning that there is going to be a P&G insert this weekend. Then, I checked my email and voila! We are! This one isn't as large as the last one because it is only $45 worth of coupons and the other one was $113! But, this will help with getting that cookware as cheap as possible!!!  Go HERE to view what coupons may be included in yours. There are some good ones! We only have until the 17th to purchase the products. I haven't done mine just yet. But obviously I will next week! Also, if you plan on doing this, there is another coupon that can help that is a Publix store coupon that you can stack with all the manufacturer coupons you will be using. It is $3/5 P&G participating products (I just ordered the coupon myself so I'm not 100% for sure whats included but it does include about 50 brands). Go HERE to My Coupon Hunter and order the coupon. It expires 10-17. It was not included in the inserts for Tuscaloosa. The coupon is only $.15 and while you are there, go ahead and order a few more! There is no minimum order so if you just want the one coupon, then you pay for that and shipping and thats it! I have ordered from her SEVERAL times and I usually get my coupons within 2 days. Sometimes she even has the coupons for the following Sunday available by Friday.

Also, if you don't know about this one, you need to jump on board! All you have to do is purchase $50 worth of P&G products. I know, it sounds like alot but it is before coupons! And you don't have to purchase it all in one transaction. You can do several transactions. I have and I've already sent off for mine. There are LOTS of deals to get to the $50 mark. And you have until 12/31/10 to do it!! No problem! Wait until you receive your P&G insert this weekend. The $1/1 Gain dish liquid is back already!! Woohoo!! I got 10 of those for FREE from Dollar General a few weeks ago. These are also $1 at Family Dollar (they have the Apple Mango Tango scent I love!) and Walmart. Go HERE to download the form and you can even view what coupons are included and they come in multiples. I am interested to see when these expire. All the P&G coupons in the inserts expire within 30 days. While you are there for the coupon booklet, if you haven't already, sign up with P&G and you can receive free samples! They release different samples every quarter and you get to pick which ones you want and they send you more coupons!

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