Monday, October 4, 2010

Its a great week for drugstore deals!

I don't shop at Rite Aid, Walgreens, or CVS every week. I usually wait until there are really good deals and then I'll go. Well, this week is one of those weeks! There are great deals on diapers at Rite Aid, great deals on the Schick Hydro razors (with those wonderful $4/1 coupons we received in the paper!) and some freebies at CVS. Once you get the hang of going to the drugstores, your gonna love it! Rite Aid is my favorite and the reason is that they have lots of store coupons that you can use with manufacturer coupons. The only downfall is that there are limits. Walgreens is good too because they have a booklet in the front of their stores with a coupon booklet full of store coupons. I find that the best deals for diapers are at Rite Aid. If you plan on going to Rite Aid, you'll need to go to and click on Video Values in the middle of the page and start watching their videos to get their store coupons and the $4/20 or $5/$25. Those really come in handy!!

Southern Savers has the matchups for the stores and some great scenarios to get you started. I get ideas from this and then create my own depending on what I need.

For the Rite Aid matchups, go HERE.

For the Walgreens matchups, go HERE.

For the CVS matchups, go HERE.

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