Monday, November 1, 2010

Drugstore Deals: Lots of items very cheap!!

Its a pretty good week at CVS, considering that Purex 3-in-1 sheets (which I love!) are B1G1 and there are $3/1 coupons. I ordered some last week and they just came in today, ya! I found a new blog strictly for CVS deals. Go HERE to Simply CVS to check out the deals she has posted for this week including $.49 for Olay body wash and Secret deodorant. If you are new to CVS, check out her post HERE to get started. I love shopping at CVS when they have good deals. Once you learn how to use your ECB's from one transaction to the next and keep your out of pocket money less than $5, you'll love it too!

I also love Rite Aid. They usually do a lot of deals on diapers and pull ups. Plus, they have a $4/$20 coupon and various other store coupons you can stack with manufacturer coupons. There's not a lot of great deals this week, just depends on what you need. Go HERE to Maven of Savin to see the matchups. If you are new to Rite Aid, jump on board! (or at least use their video values as competitor coupons at Publix) Rite Aid also has what they call Single Check Rebates. I've done these before and received my money back pretty quick. Its like their UP rewards except you enter your receipt online and receive a check in the mail. It may sound aggravating but it really just takes 2 minutes to enter the numbers. You can save up throughout the month and then request your check. I've gotten a $10 gift card before. If you planned on getting the items anyway, might as well get paid for it! You can get more information on it HERE.

Walgreens has some really great deals this week for P&G products. I like Walgreens but it can be really confusing and sometimes they are not so coupon friendly. I usually only go in there for a few things if they are pretty cheap. Their RR expire within a week, much unlike Rite Aid and CVS. Sometimes I'll turn around and use them so they don't expire. Wild for Wags is great at helping with Walgreens. Go HERE for this week's matchups. If you are new to Walgreens, I highly suggest you check out Wild for Wags FAQ HERE.

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