Sunday, November 7, 2010

Olay Body wash & Secret deodorant deal at Dollar General

I finally went to Dollar General and decided to use the Buy any Secret get $5 off any Olay body wash from the P&G 10-31 insert. I needed to get dog food as well so I grabbed a bag of Pedigree which I also had a $2/1 coupon for of course!

I got the Olay body wash that was priced at $3.75 and Secret deodorant for $1.50 (there are also trial sizes for $1). My total was $16 before coupons and only $9 after! I had the $.75/1 Secret coupon too. The $5 off coupon automatically takes off $5 when the coupon is scanned. There is a $3 Olay body wash so if you got that and the trial Secret, it would be free! Just buy something else that is over $1. If you buy the $3 Olay and $1 Secret, you'll still have a $1 left over from the coupon that will need to go to something so you won't run  into any problems.

I am ordering more of these coupons this week so I can stock up! These coupons will expire 11/30 if you plan on ordering more coupons as well.

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  1. I've tried many different types of body wash but this is the worst,it dried my skin so bad that my skin was looking so wrinkled and was peeling off,i had to buy medication for my skin so it would stop.Even i used it on my 5 year old kid and same thing oh boy and the thing is i bought 3 bottles one time.