Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Extra Inserts

Needing more coupon inserts from the Sunday paper? I know I always do! In the area I am in, none of the stores around me have papers with the inserts. Its so aggravating because I don't go to town on Sundays. And I'm not going all the way to town to buy a paper. I live too far away for that. So, a friend of mine had told me before that she goes to Tuscaloosa News and gets some on Mondays. I just haven't taken advantage of that, until now. When I noticed that the Tuscaloosa area was lucky enough to get a B1G1 Ziploc container coupon (that I haven't found on any of the clipping sites)  and the $1/1 Nabisco cracker (can we say 2 FREE packages this week with stacking, woohoo!) and many other high value coupons, I decided I better get some coupons! I usually just order coupons from MyCouponHunter or CouponsThingsbyDeDe but neither one of them had the B1G1 Ziploc coupon and CouponsThingsbyDeDe was already out of the $1/1 Nabisco! So I called Tuscaloosa News and talked to Vicky. She is very nice and says that she has several "coupon girls" (as she calls them!) that come and buy papers every week. And when you buy 2 papers, you get one free from the previous week! Considering how great the coupons are from Sunday, getting one free next week will be great. I picked up 5 papers from this week, and got 2 free from 11-7 for $7.50! Not bad considering with all those coupons, I know I'll save 3 times that!

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