Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home Depot $3 coupon for bringing in old Christmas lights!!

Sorry I've been MIA today. I've got Strep throat and I've felt like crap! I feel better now but my hips sure hurt from those shots! I'll have more posts up tomorrow and I'll work on the Rebate as well to get everything up to date.

Right now through Nov 14th, you can take your old Christmas lights to Home Depot and get a $3 coupon for LED lights! You can get up to 5 coupons. I looked at prices online and they seem to start at $9.99. I'm not sure of the restrictions yet. I'll let you know when I find out. We definately need some LED lights. I've always hated the other kind because when one light goes out, they all do and I refuse to look through them to find which one is broken!

You can go to to get more information.

Thanks I Heart Saving Money!

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