Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pampers Gifts to Grow codes = FREE items (even if you don't buy Pampers)

I just started doing the Pampers Gifts to Grow. I'm all the time seeing codes for points and I've just relayed them to a friend of mine who collects them. Well, I got to looking at what you could redeem the points for and I figured, why not? All I do is enter a few codes, save them up, and get a free product! For example, you can get a $20 gift card to Sam's for 2000 points. Not bad really! I don't buy Pampers near as much as I do Huggies because honestly, Huggies really gives out great coupons!

I went back and found all these codes that are still valid. I will post whenever a new one comes available so you can add it. I did this yesterday and in just a few minutes I had accumulated 435 points!

If you are a new member, there is great reason to start now through the end of the month. You will get 100 points just for signing up! Just enter this code 453983270233478 after you sign up!

Go HERE to join and then copy and paste the codes!

    WELCOME2VILLAGE   10 points
    WELCOME2GTG2010   10 points
  GETSTARTEDNOW10   10 points
     WELCOME2PAMPERS   50 points
   GTGCOUPONPOINTS   10 points
  GIFTS2GROWBONUS   20 points
    PUNTOSPARAMI123   10 points
    JOINNOW4REWARDS   50 points
      2BEGINEARNING50   50 points
      10PTSFREECODE4U   10 points
     PAMPERS4MOMSOND   10 points
      PAMPERSGTG10PTS   10 points
      4HAPPYHALLOWEEN   5 points
      NOVFACEBOOK2010   10 points
      FBHALLOWEEN2010   10 points
      GIFTSTOGROW4MOM   50 points
      453983270233478   100 points* NEW MEMBERS ONLY 


  1. Cool concept! What is the website address to sign up? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, I just saw the link! Thanks!

  3. Just did it too and worked great! Thanks for the tips and posting any new codes!

  4. Your welcome! I'm glad I started doing it myself!