Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another $5/$25 Toys R Us coupon! *Fixed link

There is another $5/$25 Toys R Us coupon HERE that does not expire until 10/3! Woohoo! Just in time for those Halloween costumes. There are a lot of things on sale this week. You can also go HERE for coupons on various Hasbro items. If your child is into Iron Man, they have several coupons that you can use and when you pair that with the $5/$25, you've got a pretty good deal!

 I also received an email yesterday with even more Toys R Us coupons including 30% off Halloween costumes. Those start out at $20 and I wanted to get my little girl the Sleeping Beauty costume with the wand, crown, and shoes. Now I should be able to get all of it for around $25. The catch is, those coupons are only valid for TODAY and TOMORROW. I'm gonna have to leave that outfit at work or I'll end up giving it to her! Go HERE for those coupons. They are a pdf file so you'll be able to print more than one if your like me and have more than one costume to buy. Be sure to give the $5/$25 first.

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