Friday, September 24, 2010

New coupon policies at Publix

Just wanted to let you guys know about the situation I ran across today at Publix in Northport. I had heard of this happening at the one in Northridge as well. They will no longer allow us to 'stack' (using a competitor coupon with a manufacturer coupon or a Publix store coupon with a manufacturer) coupons. I had a Publix store coupon for a few things and a manufacturer and they would only take one or the other. I also had a Target store coupon with a manufacturer coupon and they wouldn't take it either!!

I can understand not taking the competitor. But the Publix store coupons?? I'm confused. How come Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Target will let you use one their store coupons with a manufacturer coupon but PUBLIX (who is supposed to be coupon friendly) won't??!! Mind you, there usually aren't that many store coupons that come available but when there are some, it makes for a great deal!! Trust me, they have not heard the last from me! I will be contacting corporate. I will get you guys the email if you want to do the same!

**If you want to contact them (I just did!) go to the Publix website and click on Contact us. The Northport store # is 01075.**

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