Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keep an eye on your cashier!!

I think you guys are gonna learn from the all the crazy things that happen to me with couponing!! I made another trip to Publix today (post on it later) and I always have a habit of watching the register as the cashier is scanning my coupons. Well, today I was busy fumbling for a pen in my purse and before I knew it she was done and she gave me my total. I knew it sounded a little high but there was a line behind me so I didn't argue. However, I did check my receipt as I was walking out the door and thats when I saw it! She completely entered a coupon wrong!! The competitor coupons they have to manually enter. My $5/$25 was the first coupon I used and that was the one she messed up. She was in a hurry and entered $.50 by mistake. I looked at all the other coupons that rang up or were entered and they were correct. I walked back in and went to customer service and they gave me my cash back! Had I not noticed before I left I probably wouldn't have gotten my money back because they would have no way to prove it. Be sure you remember how many coupons you have and if possible the amounts (or just have them written down) and double check your receipt before you leave. Sometimes, it can really make a difference!

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