Friday, September 17, 2010

Be careful with Rite Aid coupons at Publix

I don't know about you, but I love using the Rite Aid Video Value coupons. That is where I get my $5/$25 and $4/$20 to use at Publix to reduce my total. Usually, there are around 20 or more coupons on that you could stack with a manufacturer coupon either at Rite Aid or Publix. I went to Publix Wednesday with a Rite Aid video value coupon and a Manufacturer coupon for the same item. The cashier informed me that the Rite Aid coupon is not a 'store' coupon although it has the Rite Aid logo. It is in fact a Manufacturer coupon so I wasn't able to stack like I have done MANY times before when the coupon stated that. I didn't argue. The cashier was extremely nice about it. And actually, she wasn't a regular cashier, she normally worked in customer service anyway. So, when I got the car, I looked at a few other Rite Aid coupons that I had to really read the fine print. This is what just about all of the Rite Aid coupons state: "..Good only at Rite Aid Pharmacies. Coupon redemption paid by manufacturer." I figure, since it states that it is paid by the manufacturer then it is a manufacturer coupon. However, at the same time, the coupon states good only at Rite Aid Pharmacies. So, I called Publix today and explained to them the situation and I was told that since the coupon states, "Good only at Rite Aid" then it is a competitor coupon. ?????!!!!
How frustrating is this?! My suggestion, next time you go in Publix with a Rite Aid coupon, go to customer service, show them the coupon and see what they say. Then, when you check out if there is a discrepancy, you can tell the cashier you spoke to so and so at customer service. I want us all to follow the rules so that we can continue to get such great deals but it just gets confusing when one cashier is different from the next. The good thing is, you won't always use the Rite Aid coupons because they only change once a month. And there is not an issue with the $5/$25 or the $4/$20. Luckily, there is never an issue with the Target coupons since they clearly state "Target coupon"!

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