Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dollar General scenario FOR NEXT WEEK!

Sorry, got dates wrong!! I will have a few more scenarios for you though!

This is totally last minute because in order to do this scenario you will need to use the $5/$25 from your Dollar General receipt and you'll have to do it tomorrow. If you haven't gotten one, buy a pack of gum to get it before you do this. You'll get all of this for around $10 (before tax).
  • Snuggie blanket
  • 2 Glade Fabric & Air Spray $3.75 each or 2 Axe Shower Gels $3 (you can use either one depending on which coupon you have or which item you want)
  • 2 Malt O Meal cereals on sale right now for $1.65
  • If you use the Axe instead of the Glade, you'll need to throw in a pack of gum such as Trident (I believe they are $1 or $1.50 if they are $1.50 you may want to get a cheaper gum if you want your total cheaper).
Here are the coupons you will need:
  • Snuggie $5/1 HERE (I found it under 90210 zip code you may have to search for it, mine was the last one!)
  • B1G1 Glade Fabric & Air Spray, 8-22 SS or B1G1 Axe Shower Gel, 8-29 RP
  • 1 Glade Fabric & Air Spray $1/1 sticker found on item
  • 2 Malt O Meal $.75/1 HERE if you haven't already printed it
  • Trident Gum $1/2 HERE. It's a facebook coupon so you'll need to "like" them and then click on coupons.
Here is what your transaction will look like:
  • 1 Snuggie blanket $15
  • 2 Glade Fabric & Air Spray $7.50 total
  • 2 Malt O Meal cereals $3.30 total
You total will be $25.80 before tax. Make sure you hand the cashier the $5/$25 coupon first and then the others in any order. Your total will now be $9.55 (before tax)!

Here is what my transaction will look like since I don't have the Glade coupons yet:
  • 1 Snuggie blanket $15
  • 2 Axe Shower Gels $6 total
  • 2 Malt O Meal cereals $3.30 total
  • 2 packs of Trident gum or 1 pack of something else depending on price
My total will be right at $25 and I will pay around $10.50 (before tax)! You can modify this anyway you like. The trick is to get your total right at $25 before tax and to buy stuff you have coupons for.

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