Thursday, September 16, 2010

My DG trip

I went to Dollar General tonight and I had to tweak my scenario a little bit because I needed some pull-ups!

Here is what I got:

  • 1 package of Huggies Pull-Ups

  • 1 Swiffer Sweeper starter kit

  • 1 Swiffer Sweeper refill kit (I accidentally got the larger one but it still took it off!)

  • 4 Starburst gummies (, B1G1 coupon just come out today!)
I paid $15 (including tax) for all of it! The total before coupons was $33. I saved over 50%!

Also, if you buy the Swiffer kit, look for the coupons located inside! There was a coupon booklet with $9 worth of coupons inside!!

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