Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do you rent movies from Redbox?

Have you ever rented movies from Redbox? I have! However, I have discovered Blockbuster Express and I love it! I mainly like that after I return a movie it pulls up a receipt that shows me how much my total was (we tend to forget to bring the movie back the next day!). Plus, they are ALWAYS offering a FREE one night rental! These are located right inside Publix. There is usually never a line (like there always is at the Redbox in Walmart in Northport or Walgreens) and there is another Blockbuster Express located at the Mapco by Winn Dixie off Hwy 43.

So, if you haven't tried them, now is your chance to try for FREE! Just enter the code WDVD1 at checkout. This is good for TONIGHT only. Extra night charges and taxes apply.

Enjoy your free movie! I know we will be stopping by there tonight!

Thanks CouponersUnited!

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